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Naked Raku

This technique was derived from Raku technique.  It is called “naked” as these pieces do not have a glaze finish.
The clay is burnished when it is leather hard, or it can be coated with several layers of a fine particled colored clay called terra sigliatta and then bisque fired.  Before the piece is fired in the Raku kiln, it is coated with a layer of slip (liquid clay).  It is fired in the kiln as regular Raku to about 1750 degrees.  When at temperature, the piece is removed with tongs and placed in a container with combustibles to produce a smoky atmosphere. In the short time it takes to take the pot off the kiln and place it in the can with combustibles, the slip cracks from the quick drop in temperature.  While in the can, the smoke permeates the clay in between those cracks and decorates the pot!  When cool, the pot is removed and quenched.  At this time the layer of slip falls off (or is removed) in the water.  Various shades of white, black and grey can be achieved by varying the composition, application method and thickness of the slip.
The final product has no glaze and is purely the “naked” clay with designs produced from the cracking slip and the smoke.

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