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Lessons & Workshops


Learn the art of making pottery!  Students will build a solid foundation in wheel throwing and the basics of hand-building.  Classes are geared for the student with no clay experience and also for those who have prior ceramic experience and would like to continue to improve their skills.


In hand-building, you will be introduced to several methods of constructing with clay:  pinching, molds, slab and coil.  Beginners as well as advanced students may work on hand-built pieces.  You will be instructed on using various equipment used in hand building such as the slab roller and extruder.  You will also learn basic glazing and decorating techniques, and be introduced to electric kiln firing.


Utilizing the pottery’s wheel, students will learn basic wheel skills:  centering, opening, pulling, shaping, trimming and finishing.  As a beginner, you will be making variations on the basic cylinder, such as mugs, vases and bowls.  You will also learn basic glazing and decorating techniques, and be introduced to electric kiln firing.  After learning basic wheel throwing skills, students will learn more advanced forms.

Raku Workshops


About once a month, Raku workshops are held on the grounds at the studio.  Raku is a firing process developed in 16th century Japan for the Japanese tea ceremony.  This workshop is done in 3 sessions, but not on consecutive days.  You will create your own pieces, glaze them and work the kiln; all with instruction, demonstration and supervision.  This is a fascinating “hands-on” firing process to see and be a part of.  Raku firing is dramatic and exciting.  It is also a wonderful way to actually watch the glazes melt and see wheat happens inside the kiln in a matter of minutes.  Raku provides the excitement of the unknown.  What will my piece look like when it comes out?  Where will the flame dance upon my pot?

After the firing is complete, you will then have an opportunity to participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony using your own raku ware that you make in the workshop.


Please call or email the studio for more information on lessons or workshops!