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Saggar fired wares are not glazed, their interesting surfaces come from a wide variety of materials. I first begin with a mixture called “swamp juice,” which consists of miracle grow, sea salt, baking soda, cottonseed meal and copper carbonate. It gets mixed with water until it turns bubbly and doubles in size, and then I paint it onto the pots in random patterns. Next I place aluminum foil on a table and paint some swamp juice onto it. I then sprinkle other materials onto the foil; like cheesecloth, burlap, steel wool, a copper dish scrubbie, bronze wool, the kitchen sink, seaweed, salt, etc. (just kidding about the kitchen sink). Then I place the pot onto the foil and wrap it up tightly. The foil is the “saggar” where the piece will fire in its own atmosphere. As the pot fires in the raku kiln the chemicals “paint” the pot with striking effects.

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